About Us

Story of SG Alliance

SG Alliance is an establishment that was formed in 2017 by a group of financial directors passionate about bringing financial consultants from diverse financial advisory companies together under a common platform. This common platform is representing a multi-award winning financial advisory firms in Singapore, Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd (PIAS).

The founding group of financial directors understands the importance of comparison in financial products and services via online platforms in conjunction to local government efforts with the launch of compareFIRST. SG Alliance hopes to further enhance the key initiative of bringing a step closer to convenience in terms of raising the competency of the distribution of life insurance and investment products in Singapore.

Furthermore, in this modern society which has an increasing demand for the presence of professionals to facilitate the affirmation of any financial decision made, SG Alliance offers the need of human touch that dispels such uncertainty which in turn enhance the professionalism and standards of the financial services industry.

Here at SG Alliance, we aim to be your one-stop establishment in equipping you with an extensive range of financial services that will be utmost beneficial to your interest and needs. Alongside more than 450 trained professional financial consultants who are highly qualified in diverse fields of financial management, our clienteles will be sure to experience the finest service and solutions that our establishment has to offer.

Furthermore, experienced financial practitioners or any individuals that are keen to develop their career path with our elite team are welcome to contact us here for business appointments with our business consultants.

About PIAS

Established in 2001 and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd (“PIAS”) is a multi-award winning financial advisory firms in Singapore. PIAS offers a diversified suite of financial services and solutions with a personalised approach. PIAS has one of the largest, most respected and fastest growing networks of financial consultants in Singapore. PIAS’ professional financial consultants provide sound and comprehensive financial advice at both individual and corporate levels. Professional Investment Advisory Services Pte Ltd, an affiliate of Aviva group of companies. Recommendations provided to our clients may include insurance or investment products from the Aviva Group.

Group Directors of SG Alliance


Benson Khoo

Benson Khoo Organisation

David Sam

DS Financial Group

Kenny Tey

Pathwise Advisory Group

Priscilla Ong

Vertex Wealth Advisory Group

Samuel Ang

Mindsetters Group

William Han

William Han Organisation

Quek Quan Bao

Trust Advisors Group

Shawn Goh

Wealth Prestige

Keithton Chee

Fair Capital

Winston Khoo

Trinity Advisory Organisation

Stanley Low

Commonwealth Advisors

Mark Wong

Wisdom Wealth Management

Jason Wong

Builders Advisory Group