Pei Sai Teng


Never judge a book by its cover but stay curious and keep an open mind.

Number crunching is a big part of Sai Teng’s job. While it’s easy to take a hard-line approach to investments, he believes that investment is both scientific and psychological. Innovation and discipline will be key in achieving superior investment returns.

As an experienced investment professional, Sai Teng specialises in quantitative finance and asset allocation. He conducts fundamental and macroeconomic research to enhance investment returns for clients, but he believes financial advisory is not just any other business. Top of his mind are the company’s clients whom he sees as not mere digits but unique individuals who have entrusted their financial well-being and security to the hands of enlightened advisors. An analytical and open mind guides his decisions, which includes challenging financial consultants to stay curious and serve their clients with diligence and empathy.

Although investments take up a large part of his every day, Sai Teng enjoys parenthood and anything that allows him to develop his mind and thinking, including meditation and philosophy.

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