Corporate Advisory

Cash and Reserves Management

Strengthen your company’s financial stability

SG Alliance helps business owners and SMEs improve their capabilities to collect and spend cash, contributing to better financial stability.

Master cash flow management

Our experienced financial consultants advise and guide our clients through a step-by-step framework so they can handle cash and reserves management with confidence.

Make the most of your cash

With clear oversight of all your financial transactions, fund transfers, payments and receivables, your business will have stronger liquidity to reinvest the excess cash back in the business, or weather any downturns.

Some of our clients seize short-term investment opportunities for their surplus cash via various money market instruments such as money market funds, fixed-income bonds fully-backed by the government (e.g. MAS T-bills) or other securities issued by corporations.

Explore various options to streamline your cash management while maximising your short-term investment opportunities with advice you can trust.

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