Corporate Advisory

Impact Investing

Directing assets to create positive impact

Impact investing is gaining traction as investors align their investments towards generating positive social and environmental impact, in addition to financial returns. Our financial consultants help align your corporate investments to causes you support and drive the change you value, while delivering returns that meet your strategic goals.
Doing good together
Although key macro drivers like the 2015 Paris Agreement have accelerated the growth of impact capital, it remains a comparatively new investment category. We help our clients access and crunch emerging data such as risk-reward analyses and the financial returns of impact investments versus more traditional ones. Armed with better information, we can make important decisions that are good for business and great for the world.
Maintaining accountability always
The hallmark of good impact investing is measurable results. We assess and monitor your investments for their social and environmental performance on a regular basis, delivering results-driven strategies that meet your business needs.
Defining your business legacy
Impact investments that complement your overall business vision and ESG goals demonstrate a consistent corporate strategy, inspiring stakeholders’ trust. They add up to a compelling business narrative.
Think good, do good
Impact investing has the potential to create significant value for your business and society as a whole. Discuss with our consultants on how your business can build sustainable value through impact investing.
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