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At SG Alliance, we want to make financial freedom accessible to everyone. If you want to discover or further your financial advisory career or join us in a corporate role, we will be glad to meet you and begin the conversation.


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In this fast-paced world of business, it’s not unusual for companies to focus solely on their bottom line and growth. However, at SG Alliance, we believe that our success is not just measured by profits, but by the well-being and development of one of our most valuable assets: our Representatives. From a humble 28 representatives in 2017, SG Alliance is now having more than 300 representatives and counting.

Despite being a relatively new company, we have made it our mission to provide unwavering support to our Reps, creating a workplace culture where they can thrive and build their business. SG Alliance embarked on a journey to constantly innovate, grow and keep abreast with the latest market trend.

Why Join SG Alliance

Winning Culture
The glue that binds us is a top-down founding philosophy that supports strong performance by doing the right things for the people we serve and those we work with.

Continuous Learning
One of the key attributes we look for is teachability. We provide the resources, support and at times, funding to support academic and skills development ambitions.

Technology Advantage
Our digital processing and client engagement platforms transform the way we work. Enhance your productivity and effectiveness in a way that adds the most value to your day.

Advancing Careers
We welcome new graduates, mid-career switchers and financial industry veterans with the drive, discipline and heart to serve. And offer targeted support to boost your success at different stages of your career.

Attractive Benefits & Perks
Come and talk to us about our competitive perks and benefits packages.

Internship Opportunities
Go deeper in your understanding and appreciation of a career in the financial advisory sector.

Strong Family Values
Our Human Capital policies reflect our values that put families at the heart of all we do.

Here are some of the ways we have demonstrated our unwavering commitment:

1. Hybrid compensation and Benefits: Best of agency model with FA model,

2. Real time General Insurance comparison,

3. In-house Lead generations initiatives,

4. Customer Relationship Management System that enhances productivity client’s relationship,

5. Representatives benefits and perks, including Free hot beverages for a comfortable and productive workspace

In addition, we also provide additional support for our Leaders to grow their teams:

Team Leaders
1. Overriding Commissions: Leaders receive NOT only overriding commissions on all insurance products but also on both Collective Investment Schemes (Unit Trust) and General insurance, these will provide additional income streams,

2. Talent recruitment support,

3. Career development program

4. Outpatient Medical benefit

5. Production Bonus

For Senior Financial Consultant and above
1. Monthly Business allowance

2. Outpatient Medical benefit

3. All benefits listed under Financial Consultant

For Financial Consultant
1. Basic Commission: Earn a competitive basic commission, with potential earnings of 77.4% on net GR

2. Financing Schemes

3. Transition Allowance with upfront

4. Financial Consultant Programme

5. Quality Business Gratuity

6. Retirement Benefits

7. Vesting Rights

8. Outpatient Medical benefit

9. Sales incentives challenges

10. SGA Conventions

11. Participate in all providers conventions

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