Cheryl Chen Min

Head of Finance

When we work well as a team, we can do more with less and we can surmount any challenge.

A Chartered Accountant with close to a decade and a half of experience in the industry, Cheryl values healthy two-way communications and approachability as keys to building effective and resilient teams. Excited to be part of the pioneer management team at SG Alliance, she is all in for inculcating a strong culture of trust within her team as well as across departments and among all stakeholders of SG Alliance.

Cheryl brings vast experience in implementing, enhancing and integrating accounting systems as well as in streamlining finance operation for companies in the financial services sector. She hopes to build upon her strengths as she works to optimise processes and automation to meet the company’s goals and pave the way for new ones.

Cheryl is her family’s go-to travel planner, at least in the pre-pandemic days. At the moment, she is happy being an armchair traveller vicariously exploring the world via Youtube travel videos.

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