Evelyn Goh

Head of Operations

Embrace every learning opportunity – add value to your team and enhance your career.

Evelyn’s operational competencies extend across multiple functions of the insurance business in a career spanning two decades. She brings to SG Alliance strategic oversight and extensive experience leading the distribution support teams in administration, compensation and reporting with local and international insurance giants.

Her previous appointment as head of agency operations, and extensive experience ensuring work processes were compliant with company and regulatory (e.g. MAS, LIA and GIA) agencies will be instrumental in establishing proper and efficient work flows.

Mentoring junior executives to become better problem-solvers; onboarding new staff to company policies, products and culture; and strengthening staff competencies through lifelong learning are her goals as coach and team builder. About joining the senior management team at SG Alliance, Evelyn enthuses, “I look forward to sharing my knowledge from the different roles with my team.”

An avid traveller, Evelyn has set her sights on Europe when the skies reopen. In the meantime, this convivial lady will revel in the company of her many friends, colleagues and ex-colleagues, if not in the same room, then via Zoom. To unwind during her ‘me time’, Evelyn indulges in her favourite TV variety shows and drama serials.

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