Ahead of the Curve

SG Alliance partners Quadrant Law integrating financial planning with legal advisory for the benefit of clients.

As part of its partnership commitment, Quadrant Law is providing complimentary legal consultation for the first half hour.

While the trend of strategic partnerships between financial and legal advisors has kicked off in some developed economies, practitioners in Singapore remain rather late in the game.

Which is why Quadrant Law founder and director, Bernard Tan, is excited about the value-add his profession can bring to the financial planning table with its strategic partnership with SG Alliance Pte Ltd.

“Part of a lawyer’s skillset is identifying risks in any proposed solution. Financial consultants can tap on that. Even better, the lawyer and consultant can together get a common understanding from the client, provide coordinated views and suggest solutions that actually work from a holistic perspective for the client,” says Tan.

The client is not the only winner in this arrangement.

Integrating professional legal expertise as part of their holistic service approach can be a differentiating factor for SG Alliance’s financial consultants.

“From listening to each other as we work together, we will be able to learn from one another. We can pick up knowledge, viewpoints, concepts and problem solving skills from each other,” Tan explains.

As part of the partnership commitment, Quadrant Law is providing complimentary consultation for the first half hour.

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