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‘iGniters’ are team players who are always progressing and upskilling to empower clients with the latest knowledge, tools and resources in financial planning. This team is galvanised and grounded in the perspective that becoming successful at anything worth striving for is simply about never giving up. While the team values the prize of materialistic wealth, it strives for the greater goal of inner wealth, in each consultant’s own life journey and also for their clients. Over and above the right financial tools and knowledge, each team member is constantly advancing in the finer aspects of character development and personal growth built on the group’s core values of integrity, commitment and resilience.
“The journey to the summit is as valuable and important as the prize for getting there.”

Meet the leader

In a career spanning close to two decades in the financial services industry, David has seen many economic recessions and regulatory changes in the banking, capital markets and insurance sectors. What has kept him calm and confident amid the storms has been his mindful and disciplined approach to leading his team as they meet their clients’ needs. Having inspired and groomed many MDRT achievers, David’s aim now is to lead his team to stay grounded in deligence and displine, observing best practices and keeping clients’ first as each member discovers and reaches his or her own higher purpose.


Asset Management
CPF Investments
Estate Planning
General Insurance
Investment Portfolio Advisory
Life Insurance
Retirement Planning
Referral Services
Risk Management
Employee Benefits
Keyman Insurance
Risk Management
“The journey to the summit is as valuable and important as the prize for getting there.”

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