Trust Advisors Group (TAG)

A group of representatives representing
SG Alliance Pte Ltd.


TAG’s track record speaks for itself— a top group at its former company PIAS, TAG scored the highest number of Top of the Table, Court of the Table and Million Dollar Round Table achievers. Today, the group seeks to set new records with SG Alliance. Under the wings of its group leader, no work day is the same when it is driven by knowledge sharing and upskilling to keep this young and vibrant bunch motivated to learn and grow. This constant thirst for knowledge continues to drive all the members of TAG, as they aim to reach 100,000 clients by 2025, up from 40,000 currently served.
"It’s not about luck but hard work and a relentless drive for constant progress."

Meet the leader

The youngest senior group director at his former company, PIAS, Quan Bao was also among its fastest rising stars. He won the Top Group of the Year and Top Group Director four years in a row. Quan Bao adopts a scalable and systematic training approach to his team, so they can provide objective and effective financial consultancy to clients. Lessons learned from rejections early in his career have only strengthened his belief that knowledge is power, and it is the ability to develop and harness this knowledge and influence others that holds the key to success.


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"It’s not about luck but hard work and a relentless drive for constant progress."

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